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Highest quality

How can you be sure that the translations that you order from us are good quality? It is simple. In Translatium there is a special quality verification system. It includes:

  • human resources – translators are chosen not only pursuant to language skills, but also based on the knowledge of a target culture or an industry, and thanks to that we are sure that a translation will not only be correct, but also good and suitable for its purpose,
  • technical resources – our agency is very modern and has all the necessary tools for performing work in a correct, quick and reliable way, at its disposal. For work, we use, among others, computer-aided translation tools which allow us to optimize many activities during the translation process.
  • quality management system – the work of our translators is monitored, and the completed translations are verified by a proof reader or a native speaker.

The quality of work of a given agency is not just the product itself, but also customer service and improvements prepared for customers. Choosing our services, you get:

  • free quote of an order,
  • free consultancy, e.g. in the scope of organizing a conference,
  • non stop service, where you can call with an enquiry or order at any time of day and night.

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